SOG without Smells (Almost)

SOG without Smells (Almost)

SOG without Smells (Almost)

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This tip is probably fairly well known but if you use a SOG toilet the task of emptying it can be made slightly less unpleasant by adding a capful of biological laundry liquid to the toilet after you have emptied it.  The enzymes in the liquid do reduce the smell quite significantly and the perfume which most of them have helps too.  Whilst not completely removing any smells it certainly helps.  You can also use the versions which come in sachets or tablets but I have found the cheapest liquid one works fine.

 John Laidler


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  1. Richard

    Another suggestion with regard to SOGs is the activated carbon filter situated on the outside of the access door of the SOG that removes odours. Because it is expensive to purchase replacements I bought a large square at a very reasonable cost (ebay) of the activated carbon filter sponge / foam that is used in the cleansing of the water for fish tanks. It can have varying grades of structure I used the middle grade and its been working very well. It is easy to cut to size, easy to replace and because it is more cost effective can replaced more often.

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