Could You Organise a Meet?

Could You Organise a Meet?

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Whilst we have several large gatherings a year, we would like to encourage more members to arrange their own meets.
The meets that members have organised in the past have varied from the very small (three vans which is very friendly) to large (with over 20 vans).
If you have a favourite place, why not share it with others? Or if you fancy exploring pastures new, it could be more fun to go as a group.

First Steps

You may wish to contact Karin Sumption initially, to discuss your ideas, and to consider the best dates.   The committee is keen to advise and support you in your plans.

Contacting the Membership

The chat group may be fine for initial discussions but there are many members who have opted out.  We therefore recommend that the main mailing list be used.  To prevent spam, only the committee, and those organising meets, are able to post on this group. If you wish to organise a meet, contact Nick Mawby Nick will then give you access to the main mailing list to send out your initial email. All replies will come direct to you, and further correspondence should be made directly with those who reply, not via the mailing list.

Details of who is attending meets should not be published on the public website.

It would be great if you could write up your plans (preferably in Word) and email them to Nick to go on the website. Please try to include at least one photo.

Where to Stay?

Many meets have been held on Caravan Club, Camping & Caravanning Club or independent campsites, or on CLs.
It is also possible to hold a meet on private land (with the landowner’s permission!) such as a pub car park or farmer’s field. We have exemption certificates that allow us to hold such meets of up to five days duration without needing council permission (not valid in National parks).

Discuss with Karin if you need to use the exemption certificates:

We now have an Event Shelter that can be used at meets


If held on an organised campsite, it is easiest to ask members to pay directly to the site.
If a deposit needs to be paid, or the campsite require the club/organiser to collect pitch fees, please discuss with our treasurer Alan Major

Code of Conduct

This is aimed principally at meets held under the exemption certificate, but all organisers are asked to familiarise themselves with its contents:

 If you have any queries, both Karin and Nick will be delighted to help.