Coronavirus and the AGM

Coronavirus and the AGM

Annual General Meeting and Rally

In view of the predictions for coronavirus, the Executive Committee have taken the unanimous decision to cancel the Tenth Annual General Meeting of the Murvi Club (A.G.M.) due to be held on Saturday 18 April 2020. The rally from 16 – 21 April 2020 at the Riverside Park, Tiddington Road, Stratford Upon Avon, CV37 7AB has also been cancelled. Any members who have paid their camping fees and theatre visit costs will be fully reimbursed. Alan Major, our treasurer, will make individual contact to arrange payment.

The constitution requires that the A.G.M. will be held not later than 15 months after the previous A.G.M. i.e. 13 July 2020. However, we are in unprecedented times and we cannot guarantee that the pandemic will be over by then. The Executive Committee therefore propose that the following will replace the 2020 A.G.M. and be confirmed at the 2021 A.G.M.:

1             The current members of the Executive Committee have all indicated that they intended to stand for re-election at the A.G.M. They will, therefore, remain in office for the forthcoming year.

2             Martin Sweet, our auditor, has indicated that he was willing to stand for re-election at the A.G.M. He will, therefore, remain in office for the forthcoming year.

3             On or about 9 April 2020, I will circulate, for comment by the membership, reports from each of the Club’s officers and the audited accounts for the year to 31 December 2019, all of which would have been presented at the A.G.M. Any comments received, together with the committee’s response, will be circulated on or about 25 April 2020.

4             Unless any comments received require the audited accounts to be amended, they will be deemed to be accepted.

5             If there are any items of discussion you wish me to circulate to the membership with the reports, please send them to me on or before 2 April 2020

We hope that we will receive the members support in overriding the constitution in the manner detailed above, but if you wish to object to or comment on our proposal, or have a query, you can communicate with me either by replying to this email or phoning 0121 445 1585.

The Executive Committee have asked me to pass on their best wishes to you during these difficult times.

Kind regards

Roger Pepper

Secretary, The Murvi Club

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