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Important Documents:

Privacy Notice

The Murvi Club Privacy Notice The Murvi Club can be contacted by e-mail at  The Murvi Club has a legitimate interest in using the personal data you give to The Murvi Club on the application form for the purpose of communicating with you on matters relating to The Murvi Club and to pass to a distributor to facilitate the posting to your home address material relating to The Murvi Club which cannot be distributed by email. Your personal data will not intentionally be transferred to anyone outside of The Murvi Club or Murvi Motor Caravans Ltd. and will be deleted

Privacy Policy

The Murvi Club Privacy Policy Scope of the Policy This policy applies to the work of The Murvi Club. The policy sets out the requirement that The Murvi Club must gather personal data for membership purposes. The policy details how personal data will be gathered, stored and managed in line with data protection principles and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The policy is reviewed on an ongoing basis by The Murvi Club Executive Committee members to ensure that The Murvi Club is compliant. This policy should be read in tandem with The Murvi Club’s Privacy Notice. Principles of the

Code of Conduct

All members are expected to abide by the code of conduct.


The name of the association is the Murvi club


the Murvi Club’s role is restricted to supporting the organiser in arranging the event and publicising it to more

Public Liability Insurance

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Caravan Club Pitching Rules

Following a short debate at the AGM, I was instructed to write to the Caravan Club to seek clarification of their pitching rules. A copy of the correspondence is attached.

Members Section

Could You Organise a Meet?

Whilst we have several large gatherings a year, we would like to encourage more members to arrange their own meets. Read on to find out how to proceed...

Membership List

This lists members names, post town/county, registration number, phone numbers and email addresses.

AGM Minutes

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ACCEO is the Association of Caravan and Camping Exempted Organisations

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