Fresh Water System – to flush or not to flush that is the question

Fresh Water System – to flush or not to flush that is the question

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We are only a couple of weeks away from our first trip in our Morello for this season. In the magazines from caravan club and camping and caravan club they say you should flush the water system on motorhomes using proprietary products or bicarbonate of soda. In our previous van we used Milton to flush out the system but it left the water with a terrible twang. In our Morello we also have a water filter and am concerned about and damage flushing the system may cause.
So, before I make an idiot of myself and use a product on my new van, I thought I would seek the wisdom from group members. What do you all suggest?

Judy Coutinho
We too have a water filter and because of that just now and then flush it through with clean water.

Peter Daw
Hi, I understand that it is probably not a good idea to use milton or any chlorinated product as it corrodes stainless steel components in the system. Some people use diet coke but we use a proprietary tank cleaner. But not having a water filter, I can’t offer advice about that. Can you disconnect it to clean the system?

I do not have a water filter because I do most, but not all, of my camping in the UK and just use a filter jug or, if I consider the water suspect, I use bottled for drinking, van water for washing.A better way, I think, is to use your vehicle, at least one weekend a month, and drain down in between. This flushes the system BUT if I stored it for the winter, I would drain the system after last use and remove the filter, put it back at the start of new season, flush the system well and then replace it with a new one, ready for another year. Sounds a lot of messing about and expense but, peace of mind when one is on holiday, is worth it!

We have a Nature Pure filter fitted from new on our Morello. Last year I flushed the water system with Elsan Fresh Water Tank Cleaner To avoid contamination I removed the Nature Pure cartridge before flushing, fitting the “sanitary by-pass connector”, and refitted the cartridge afterwards
Easy to do and no tastes, smells or (as far as I know) damage.

I use Aqua Clean tablets to sterilise the water when needed. On our trip to Corsica we took on board dirty water several times, it had bits floating in it or was brown!My method is to drain the tank then add three tablets dissolved in warm water before filling with clean water. Run the taps until the treated water comes through, you can tell by the taste! Leave overnight then drain and refill.But as others have mentioned this shouldn’t be necessary as a routine measure. Just drain the tank if the van is not going to be used for more than a week.

thanks you to everyone who responded. the general consensus is if your in the UK its usually OK to flush through with tap water and always empty after every trip or at lease once a month which is what we do during the season, its just due to health reasons we haven’t been able to use the van since September so we drained it down and its been empty ever since. I think we will give it a good old rinse through with tap water a couple of times before we go away later this month!
once again thanks to everyone who responded.

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