Fiat Radio – adjusting auto power off

Fiat Radio – adjusting auto power off

Fiat Radio – adjusting auto power off

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The bog standard Fiat radio has its own nuances the most annoying of which is it turns itself off after 20 minutes.  A possible fix for this was published last year but it didn’t work on my radio.  I have subsequently come across another “fix” which did work on a 2013 Fiat radio.  The procedure, which is not unlike the original version but has extra button pushings, is as follows:

1. Turn on radio using the central “ON/OFF” button.

2. Within 15 seconds simultaneously press “FM/AS” and pre-set button “2”.

3. Each time this pair of buttons are pressed the display will alternate between “NORMAL POWER MODE” and “CAMPER POWER MODE”.

4. When “CAMPER POWER MODE” is showing press “MENU”.

5. Using the “Up” and “Down” arrows (above and below the main “ON/OFF” button respectively) the display shows various adjustable items.  Cycle through these until “RADIO OFF” and a number of minutes is shown on the display.

6. With “RADIO OFF” showing press the “LEFT” and or “RIGHT” arrows (Either side of the “ON/OFF” button)  Each press of either button will alternate the numbers between “180” and “0”.

7. With “180” showing on the display the setting is complete and three hours of operation should be possible.

8. Press the “ON/OFF” button to exit the menu and return the display to its normal view.

When I first tried this nothing happened at step 3 until I repeated it but it is possible I didn’t press the buttons firmly enough.  Please note this procedure is designed for the standard fitted Fiat radio.  It may not work for every Fiat radio but it certainly worked for ours.

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  1. HowardPimento

    I came across a similar problem with the Ford Pimento: the radio works for 1 hour and then switches off. When switched back on it only lasts for a few minutes before switching off again. After a few attempts it won’t come on at all until you start the engine! We’d only just picked up the van before we went away on holiday and it was very frustrating to have to keep turning the radio back on, and often with restarting the engine. I spoke to a Ford Transit Centre about it, but the response was it’s a software configuration for battery protection and it cannot be manually adjusted; and that the only solution is to restart the engine. Hardly practical, or good for the engine, especially with the driver’s seat turned around!
    However, the good news is that I did find a solution – to turn the radio off before the hour is up, then turn it back on to get another hour. This can be repeated apparently indefinitely (until the battery goes flat!). I bought a small digital alarm clock (which happened to fit perfectly just below the cupboard above the sink – with the help of sticky fixers). This means I can set the timer to remind me to switch the radio off and on again before it cuts out. This fix may work on models other than Ford?

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