Murvi Club Meets


The Great Spring Murvi Meet and AGM 2020

our 10th anniversary meet!


The Great Spring Murvi Meet and AGM 2020

Next year the Murvi Club reaches its 10th anniversary so we will be having a special five night meet in Stratford on Avon to celebrate this and hold our AGM.  We will be camping on the rally field of The Riverside Camping Park in Tiddington, Stratford on Avon for five nights from Thursday 16th  to Tuesday 21st April.  The campsite is in a village just outside Stratford, right on the river. (more…)


Please note the following:

  • the Murvi Club’s role is restricted to supporting the organiser in arranging the event and publicising it to members
  • the fact that a member may organise an event does not place them under any liability
  • the Murvi club will not be liable for any financial loss by members due to cancellation of all or part of an event or any planned activity
  • every person taking part is individually responsible for:
    • ensuring their own safety
    • taking out appropriate insurance to cover accident, breakdown, illness or other eventuality
    • carrying the documents required for foreign travel
    • familiarising themselves with driving laws and rules of each country visited

We suggest that members place details of next of kin behind the drivers sun visor where they can be located in the event of illness during a rally