Fairport’s Cropredy Convention

Fairport’s Cropredy Convention


An annual well attended festival of folk and rock music held on the edge of the village of Cropredy, and run by Fairport Convention.  As is traditional, Fairport Convention will play on Thursday with a short welcoming set by the band's semi-acoustic line-up to open the festival, with a marathon performance to close the festival on Saturday.

It is very difficult to organise to camp together at Cropredy,  but if you are going and would like to meet up with other Murvis there, contact Pete and Meg Privett, who will be at the festival this year.


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  1. AdrianW

    The best way to camp together at Cropredy is to meet up somewhere else (e.g Tesco Banbury and do the last minute shopping) then travel and arrive together.

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