Moselle Valley

Moselle Valley

Moselle Valley


meet at Trier then move along the Moselle valley to Koblenz

Penny McCallig and Andrew Shewan have put together a tentative plan for a Murvi meet in the Moselle valley, lasting 12 days.

Briefly, they would meet on Sunday 5th June 2016 at a campsite near Trier, staying 2 nights.Calais to Trier takes about 4 to 5 hours.

Then they would move on every couple of days, staying at different campsites or motorhome 'stellplatz', finishing up at Koblenz and leaving on Thurs 16th June.

Activities will focus on cycling along paved tracks next to the river, with walks up through vineyards, to the hills above the valley. There areĀ  castles and museums to visit, as well as numerous wine cellars and cafes to explore.

The area is totally unspoiled, with countless pretty villages along the way.

If you are interested please email:

They will then send more details.